Maximum flexibilty and economic efficiency

No matter what the season or the application or the subsurface, or whether the conditions change constantly or you need to consider specific regional circumstances: the machines of our Hako Citymaster USA range master every task efficiently. And they are highly flexible. Because, in addition to carrying out professional sweeping tasks, they can be re-tooled and equipped with a wide range of different attachments and chassis-mounted equipment for any kind of seasonal application.



Brilliant performance for a clean city: Sweeping is one of the main tasks in the field of Municipal Technology. The Citymaster 650 carries out all sweeping tasks rapidly, reliably and efficiently: thanks to its hydraulically driven 2-broom sweeping unit, quick-change suction duct and Intelli-Flap® coarse dirt flap. The machine’s patented circulation water system provides maximum dust control – and ensures clean exhaust air and lowest possible dust and fine particulate emissions.

Safe roads and paths in autumn: Leaves and twigs can make roads and paths slippery and thus become a menace to road users. For municipal service providers, this means regular sweeping also in autumn. Equipped with a powerful and efficient sweeping/suction combi device, the Citymaster 650 reliably removes autumn leaves and dirt from public roads, paths and squares.

Weed control without the use of chemicals: The weed broom mechanically removes and collects weeds quickly and easily. Additional benefit: The weed broom is coded via the operating panel – no separate control unit necessary.

Especially in the cold season, the Citymaster 650’s excellent manoeuvrability, ease-of-use and high transport capacity come into full effect. Thanks to the front attachment system providing the flexible use of a wide range of different attachments, the Citymaster 650 ensures clear roads and paths in the winter: with a front sweeper for reliable snow sweeping or different snow blades and a snow blower for safe snowplowing. In addition, the machine efficiently fights black ice: with a cylindrical gritter for footpaths, a combi gritter for larger areas, or a brine spraying system.

Green is in vogue. As a versatile implement carrier, the Citymaster 650 is always in season. Changing the attachments only takes minutes, which allows for several different applications to be carried out in just one day: for example maintaining green areas in the morning and sweeping paths in the afternoon – all with one and the same hopper. For superior cleanliness and economic efficiency in every season.

The lawn specialist. In combination with different mowers, grass collecting systems and flail mowers, the Citymaster 650 ensures flexible use for green area maintenance tasks in the gardening & landscaping sector. Together, the large universal hopper and the Citymaster 650 equipped with a mowing/suction attachment combi form a powerful team for efficient green area maintenance. Thanks to the central suction system, working close to curbs and edges is possible on both sides of the machine.

More than standard. Sweeping, suction, transport – or cutting, watering, sluicing: The list of possible jobs for the Citymaster 650 is long and includes solutions for all standard tasks and many special applications. A win-win for both your budget and the cityscape!

Ready for every job. For example with a hedge trimmer or a sprinkler system to water flower beds, bushes and trees.



Sweeper with 2- or 3-broom systems. As a professional sweeper equipped with a 2- or 3-broom comfort sweeping system, the Citymaster 1650 not only provides perfect cleaning results: Our patented circulating water system offers maximum dust control to ensure clean exhaust air and lowest possible particle and fine dust emissions, which is a clear benefit for both the operator’s health and the immediate surroundings.

Perfect results on all levels. The brooms with hydraulic broom-head-adjustment system can be adapted to different types of gutters. The pre-sweep broom can also be used for second-level cleaning of footpaths or even traffic islands. Thanks to the double-joint broom arm, there is no need to adjust the unit when changing from sweeping one side of the road to the other.

Sweeping up, sucking in, and carting off dirt and debris. The tangential suction system with an energy-saving blower ensures that dirt and debris is reliably collected while the sweeping system goes easy on pavements and joints. Our efficient separation system provides maximum filling of the universal hopper – for extended emptying intervals.

Weed control without chemicals. The weed broom provides mechanical removal and collection of weeds.
Perfectly equipped to fight ice and snow. Whether clearing snow or fighting black ice: In the winter, the Citymaster 1650’s uncompromising multifunctionality unleashes significant efficiency and economic advantages.

Snow clearing with the Citymaster 1650. With the Citymaster 1650, cities and municipalities are perfectly equipped for snow clearing tasks. A wide range of suitable snowplows, universal front sweepers or single-purpose snow sweepers are available for every possible application to allow flexible adaptation to different amounts of snow and weather conditions. In addition, our rotary snowploughs, available in tiered performance classes, can cope with even extremely large amounts of snow.

Fighting black ice with our high-performance solutions. Equipped with a loading bed, a rear-mounted gritter or a top-mounted silo gritter, the Citymaster 1650 can be easily adapted to meet individual requirements in the field of salting and gritting. Whether using sand, grit, granulate or salt – you can choose from our selection of cylindrical gritters for use on footpaths, combi gritters for use in car parks, or silo gritters in tiered performance classes. In addition, a brine spraying system is available for special applications.
Green area maintenance: versatile use, high area coverage. From mowing grass and cutting back roadside greenery to maintaining sports grounds and public parks: The Citymaster 1650 is ideally suited for every green-area maintenance task.

Mowing-suction combi with a universal hopper. The Citymaster 1650’s universal hopper can also be used for lawn mowing tasks. The central suction system ensures that roadside greenery can be safely maintained without interfering with the flow of traffic, and allows working close to kerbs on either side of the road. The vacuum suction system is wear-free and easy to clean. Blockages are reduced to a minimum. The vacuum ensures compacting of the grass. And yet another advantage: The compact mower can also be used as rear-discharge mower or a mulch mower.

Citymaster 1650 maintains large intensive and extensive areas. The Citymaster 1650 provides versatile use on large areas. Equipped with suitable attachments, this machine always offers the right solution.

  • Large-area rotary mowers, available as a rear-discharge or a mulch mower: for demanding maintenance tasks in public parks or on sports fields.
  • Different flail/ mulch mowers: for extensive yet less frequently used areas requiring little maintenance.
    Citymaster 1650 CityCleaner: wet cleaning and oil spill removal.Equipped with the CityCleaner scrub deck attachment, the Citymaster 1650 turns into a powerful machine providing intensive wet cleaning, and can also be used for the efficient removal of oil spills.

    Intensive cleaning: gentle yet effective. Equipped with the CityCleaner scrub deck, the Citymaster 1650 provides powerful wet cleaning while going easy on joints and surfaces. The machine can be used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces as well as on simple or high-quality paving and on coated floors as used, for example, in multi-storey car parks.
    • Fully integrated in the quick-change system
    • Ready to use in no time at all when combined with the universal hopper
    • Fresh and circulating water system for long operating times
    Oil spill removal. The Citymaster 1650 CityCleaner has been independently certified for its suitability to clean traffic areas after accidents involving oil spills.  Independently tested: Traffic safety is reliably restored after just a single application. Oil, particles and recovered water are collected in the universal hopper.
    • Pre-cleaning with circulating water and simultaneous intake of particles (up to 25 mm)
    • Post-cleaning with fresh water
    • Specially formulated cleaning chemicals

    maximum flexibilty and economic efficiency

    for every industry

    City Cleaning & Trash Management

    Service Providers & Facility Management

    Industry & Commerce

    Gardening & Landscaping

    Hotels & Groundskeeping

    Public Institutions

    Retail Establishments


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