3.5-t Class Multifunctional Outdoor Cleaning Machine

Hako | Citymaster USA 1650 Cleaning Machine

The premium solution for highest demands

Hako Citymaster USA 1650

This professional, compact city cleaning machine with added benefits sets new standards in the 3.5-t class: for example with its articulated steering and permanent all-wheel drive, hydraulic attachment drives and full-suspension chassis. And it offers a comprehensive range of innovative features providing increased working comfort, safety and efficiency – whether used exclusively as a compact city sweeper or as a versatile implement carrier for all-season municipal application.

For the operator

More driving- and operating comfort: AGR-certified for the machine’s award-winning, ergonomic design of the driver’s workplace and the back-friendly quick-change system.


Reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions: intelligent drives, low-emission engine with a particle filter and EUnited-certified dust-control system.


Highest levels of flexibility and efficiency: multifunctional machine with a wide range of attachments and superstructures for every seasonal requirement.

Hako | Citymaster 1650 Ergonomic

Ergonomic in every detail

Even the best machine is only as efficient and capable as its operator. This is why the Hako Citymaster 1650 has been designed as an ergonomic mobile workplace. For example with a height- and tilt-adjustable steering wheel and a comfort seat allowing individual adjustments. And it’s very comfortable to use thanks to the operating panel with functional elements integrated in the armrest.

Hako | Citymaster USA Residential Cleaning Machine

Flexible, safe, future-oriented

The Hako Citymaster 1650 can be used on all paved surfaces in the city – without restrictions and at maximum payload. The machine’s particularly low fine dust, particle and noise emissions as well as its sophisticated safety concept allow working in inner-city and residential areas – even early in the morning or late at night.

Multifunctional working in all seasons

Multifunctional working in all seasons

In addition to being used as a professional sweeper, this machine can easily and effortlessly be re-tooled for a wide range of different applications – thanks to the quick-change system allowing back-friendly and tool-free changing of attachments and superstructure and docking to the machine’s four interfaces.

Extended seat options and the height-adjustable steering column ensure that the workplace can easily be adapted to the driver’s individual needs, which is yet another benefit when the vehicle is operated by different drivers. And what’s more: The fully electric foot pedals with improved ergonomics are of great benefit to everyone.
The chassis is fully suspended. The driver’s seat is air-sprung and optimally adapted to the chassis. Together, these features ensure high levels of comfort to facilitate long working days and protect the vehicle from damage.
The operating panel is comfortably integrated in the armrest, including additional functional elements such as the one-button operating system providing automated functional processes for machines with complex configurations.

The USB connection at the steering column allows the driver to keep his mobile phone charged, so that he can always be contacted in an emergency.

Multipurpose use through multifunctionality

The Hako Citymaster 1650 has been designed for all-season application to provide maximum flexibilty and economic efficiency. In months with fewer sweeping tasks or when the sweeper can’t be used at all due to bad weather conditions, the machine offers additional application options such as winter services, various applications in the field of grounds- and road side greenery maintenance and intensive yet gentle wet cleaning of heavily soiled areas.

Hako | Citymaster 650 sweeper


Hako | Citymaster 650 wet cleaning


Hako | Citymaster 650 Winter Service


Hako | Citymaster 650


Hako | Citymaster 650 Transportation



Engine (type, emission standard, exhaust gas treatment) Diesel, 55kW, Stage V, DOC, DPF
Type approval / driving licence Tractor T2a, Class B
Drive Hydrostat, 4x4, 40 km/h
Chassis and steering Chassis with fully hydraulic articulated steering, fully suspended chassis with coil springs and shock absorbers, attachment quick-change system
Tires 225/70 R15C // 255/65 R16 // 320/55-15 T559
Breaking system Disc brake at the front, integrated parking brake at the rear
Cabin ROPS-tested 1-person safety comfort cabin, safety glazing. 2 doors with sliding windows, hot water heating / air conditioning (option)
Unladen weights 2035 kg / 2570 kg / 2690 kg / 2570 kg (Total weight/2B/3B/CC)
Permissible weights 3500 kg / 1700 kg / 2400 kg (GVW/VA/HA)
Dimensions (LxBxH) 3830 x 1210 x 1970 mm

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